Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creating PeopleSoft CRM Worker using CDM Classes

What is the best way to create and maintain workers to PeopleSoft CRM? The correct way to synchronize workers to PeopleSoft CRM is using the Workforce services. This works fine when using PeopleSoft HCM, but what about when your HCM application is non-PeopleSoft? In our case where are integrating PeopleSoft CRM HR Helpdesk with SAP HCM and P&I HCM.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Release Value Proposition for PeopleTools 8.51

After the long-awaited and quite revolutionarily PeopleTools 8.50, Oracle announced PeopleTools 8.51. With this release Oracle will enhance PeopleTools and add some new features that will be a great markup for PeopleSoft in general.

Here are some snippets from the RVP, which I think will have a great added value to the PeopleSoft application.