Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Using Gmail as SMTP server for PeopleSoft

A lot of us developers use local PeopleSoft sandboxes for (self)training and R&D. One of the biggest issues we usually encounter on local sandboxes is the lack of a SMTP server for testing workflow mail. Until today I used PostcastServer as SMTP server, but this did not actually send the mail to the mail address, but catches the mail generated from PeopleSoft locally.

Today I got triggered by a question on OTN Forum on which setting you need to set to use Gmail as SMTP server. Surprisingly there was a document on My Oracle Support that explained just that E-WF: JavaMail Exception: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException, Error Using Gmail SMTP Server [ID 1436910.1]

Although the document on My Oracle Support is a very highly detailed document, it missed a few key pointers and I think this information is something the community will be very grateful for.