Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Peopletools 8.50: The Wow-effect

It has been a while since I had the “WOW-effect” about a new application.

Most internet applications have been set-up with technologies that we find normal nowadays. Technologies like partial page refresh (AJAX), drag and drop layout, WEB 2.0 like wiki, communities etc.

But these rules do not seem not to apply to ERP systems. They are still robust, pretty user-unfriendly en most of all not appealing.

Well, Oracle seems to have done it.

Oracle introduced a new layout with Peoplesoft 9.1 in combination with Peopletools 8.50, with building blocks of today’s technologies.

A small list of new features:
  • Partial Page Refresh
  • Modal Lookup Prompts & Error Messages
  • New Menu, Favorites, Recent Visits
  • Homepage Pagelet Drag/Drop
  • Independent Pagelet Refresh
  • Type Ahead/Auto-Complete
  • Modal Zoom Grid for existing grids
  • New Grids (sortable, drag/drop, etc.)
  • Updated Stylesheet
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Mouse-over Popups
  • IM Presence (eg. Beehive, Yahoo, etc.)
Click here to see an online recorded demo of Peopletools 8.50 and see if you also experience the WOW-Effect.

As a Peoplesoft developer the first thing you ask yourself is how it works. I suppose most of the partial refresh and drag and drop functionality is accomplished with AJAX. But which language is the server site script? ASP? I am guessing JSP (after the aquicition of SUN). It will be a joy developing pages that can look like that. No more telling the end-user “The layout you want is not possible“.

Too bad, Peoplesoft 9.1 and Peopletools 8.5 are not available yet. They are planned to be released in Q3 2009. I for one, can’t wait to try the new release.


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