Friday, July 29, 2011

Fusion Applications: Running Repository Creation Utility for Identity Management

In my previous post, I created an Oracle Database for Oracle Identity Management . In this post I will describe the steps,  to create the required Oracle schemas in the database used by Identity Management and Management Services, using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

Fusion Middleware RCU is shipped with the Oracle Fusion Applications installation DVDs. However the version shipped with the DVDs is at level and we want to use Fusion Middleware RCU, since we will be installing Oracle Identity Management This version can be downloaded from eDelivery site.

After downloading and unzipping Fusion Middleware RCU on Linux, open a terminal session and go to the directory where you unzipped the installation files. I unzipped RCU in directory /home/oracle/install/rcu.

Start the installer by running
. /home/oracle/install/rcu/rcuHome/rcu

First a welcome screen will show. Click on Next.

On this screen select the options to Create new schema's and click on Next.

On this screen submit your Host, Listener port, SID, user sys and password and click on Next. Now a screen will popup checking the database meets the requirements.

If you get any errors or warnings at this point close the installer and fix the issues. If not click on OK to continue the installer.

Now a screen shows, where we have to choose which components we want to have schema's created for.

Check only Identity Management, this will check all other components which are required for Identity Management. Click on Next.

Now another screen shows that checks the database meets the requirements for the selected components.

Again, if you get any errors or warnings at this point close the installer and fix the issues. If not click on OK to continue the installer.

In the next screen we have to set a password for the schema's. To make it manageable, I will choose the option to set the password for all schema's to the same password.

On the next screen, you can change the default settings for the tablespaces, that will be created for the schema's. I will leave all settings default and click on Next to continue the installer. First a popup screen will alert us that any tablespace that don't exist will be created. After this again requirements will be checked for the tablespace that need to be created.

Now as Summary screen shows with all settings we supplied untill now. Click on Create to start creating the necessarily schema's. A progress screen will keep you updated. When all schema's are created the Completion Summary shows.

Now we have created all necessarily schema's and are ready to start the installation of Identity Management Components.


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  2. Krishna12:12 PM

    Dear Hakan,

    This is a great topic. Will look forward to the next episodes of your Fusion Apps installation articles!

    It would also be useful if you could write about how to set up a developmer environment to customize/create fusion applications.


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  4. Dafo Dill5:52 AM

    Just in case anyone is having the same problem. Whilst installing to linux 64 bit OEL6, the RCU doesnt work. Although oracle says the software can be used on this OS. I did this step using windows 32 bit and it worked perfectly. See Metalink Note 1469169.1.