Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fusion Applications in the Cloud

Oracle Open World 2011 was mainly dominated by Exalogic. Exalogic is hardware and software engineered together to provide extreme performance for Java applications, Oracle Applications, and all other enterprise applications.

And yes, now Oracle is also offering Oracle Fusion Applications HCM and CRM in the Cloud!

For years we were used to having software and applications run and maintained in-house on local hardware. The past years running applications in the cloud has be become more and more a fact. Why would we want to invest large amounts of money on parts that we actually do not want. All companies want to be able to focus on their core business, so why invest in all that overhead, when all you want in fact is to be able to run your business with reliable software.

Think about in how much resources you wouldn't have to invest anymore, when using cloud:

  • Buying hardware

  • Storing hardware in data centers

  • Hardware administrators

  • Network administrators

  • OS administrators

  • DBA's

  • Middleware administrators

  • Training (administrators)

  • Patching

  • Even more hardware for backups

  • etc, etc, etc ...

All these resources are needed just to keep your applications up and running!

Nowadays we are all used on using all kind of reliable applications on smartphones and tablets that run on the cloud and are maintained by the vendor. Why shouldn't we be able to use Oracle Applications in the same manor?

Cloud is the solution, and not just the future anymore, but the present. Oracle has made a great, but logical step with taking Oracle Fusion Applications to the cloud.

Oracle Public Cloud enables you to use Oracle Fusion Applications straight away, based on a monthly subscription. Oracle Public Cloud doesn't only provide access to Applications, but also provide the ability to add and/or customize the application according to you business requirements.

After applying for a subscription and initial setup, all that rests is providing your end users with the login url and credentials and you are ready to start running your application.

See these two presentations from OOW11 about Oracle Public Cloud & Fusion Applications

See also this great video for an introduction of Oracle Public Cloud.


  1. Here is a white paper on discovering integration services for Oracle Fusion Applications - also applicable for the cloud.

    Whitepaper: Making the Most of Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications: