Friday, December 16, 2011

Want to get a glimpse of Fusion Applications?

By now, most of us know it takes more resources to run a Fusion Applications environment, than any other ERP system. Creating a local sandbox, to acquire knowledge and experience of  Fusion Applications, is not done on local servers anymore.

Do not despair ...

Now you are able to get a tast of Fusion Applications through UPK.

Oracle has made two UPK's available for download via eDelivery on Fusion Applications GL and HCM.

After downloading the UPK content you are able to run the UPK player and take a virtual trip through the functionality of  Fusion Applications.

Have fun exploring Fusion Applications!


  1. Hi Hakan,

    could you please share the exact location in E-Delivery where to find these UPKs?

    Many Thanks


  2. Lex,

    Once you log in to edelivery select Product Pack = User Productivity Kit and Tutor.
    Select your platform and hit Search.
    In the list of UPK's, the last one is Fusion Applications.


  3. Thanks a lot.
    I kept searching the Fusion Apps area ;-)

  4. Juan Jesus Montero8:42 AM

    Hello Hakan,

    Many thanks for your posts about Installilng Fusion apps. I'm currently trying to install it following your steps.

    One question, have you completed the installation with the stepts described? I mean is it up and running the instance when all the steps described are completed?

    Another question, if the previous answer is yes, when you finish the install, you have a equivalent to a Vision instance (similar to 11i or r12)?

    Many thanks.