Saturday, January 14, 2012

Create apealing Dashboards with PeopleTools 8.52

Oracle has added another great feature to PeopleTools 8.52:


A dashboard is an overview consisting of pagelets containing information about a certain subject. Until now you were able to add pagelets to your home screen or workcenters. Because you only have one PeopleSoft home page, you are limited in the number of pagelets you can add to get a clear view of what is happening in your business or which actions you need to take. Workcenters did add some additional productivity, but you are limited to add pagelets only to one frame of the browser.

With dashboards you can create a summary of all information you need about a certain business area. Better yet you can create multiple dashboards that will provide you all the information you need in one view, without the need to navigate through the PeopleSoft menu.

If you have installed HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2, you will get 2 dashboards out of the box.
  • Manager Dashboard (screen above)

  • Talent Summary Dashboard (screen below)

So how do you create a dashboard?

To create and manage existing dashboards you start off by navigating using the menu path Main Menu - PeopleTools - Portal  - Dashboard - Manage Dashboard Pages.

At this page click on the link Create new dashboard page.

Enter a name for the dashboard you want to create. To add the dashboard access to the PeopleSoft Menu, click on the prompt button for the Parent Folder field.

Here you can select the parent folder directly from the content reference tree where you want the dashboard link to reside.

After selecting the Parent folder, add a sequence where you want the link in the menu order to reside. Optionally you can secure the dashboard with permissionlists. Click on save and a content reference to the dashboard will be created. At this time you have an empty dashboard.

To add pagelets to your dashboard, click on the Pagelets button on the Manage Dashboard Pages page.

Just as you would select pagelets to be shown on the homepage, you select the pagelets you want to appear on your dashboard. With the layout tab you can define to have two or three columns to appear and you can arrange your pagelets.

In fact, that's all there is to it ... You have now configured a dashboard and added it to the PeopleSoft menu without any coding or customizations.

Oracle is adding more and more features to PeopleSoft that change the way the end-user is experiencing PeopleSoft. It is making a shift from administration/registration to productivity/efficiency/role-based pages/BI. This sounds a lot like the foundation blocks of Fusion Applications...

Is Oracle preparing us for Fusion Applications by changing the look and feel and the way we work with PeopleSoft, so that the transition to Fusion Application will not be such a big leap?

See the dashboards in action.

HCM Manager Dashboard

HCM Talent Summary

CRM Agent Dashboard

CRM Manager Dashboard


  1. Bineeta Haldar12:42 AM

    Hi Hakan,

    I have been going through the user guides posted by Oracle on HCM 9.1 with PeopleTools 8.52 or Higher and it clearly mentions that "Manager Dashboard" is a part of it. However when we upgraded to PeopleTools 8.52 we are unable to see this module (Setup HRMS > Common Definitions).

    I then came across your blog which mentions that Feature Pack 2 provides "Manager Dashboard" out ofthe box. Could you please help me understand that only by applying Feature Pack Manager Dashboard would be available?


  2. Thank you for posting this. This is by far one of the most comprehensive reviews of the new dashboards. The fact that they are easily modified and that you can create your own by putting pagelets together is fantastic!

  3. Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Indeed, dashboards will revolutionary change the way we use PeopleSoft, minimizing the number of times you have to use the PeopleSoft menu. But dashboards are just the beginning, have a look at the following blog, which describes IWC to change your dashboards into true cockpits.


  4. Gilbert Travis9:25 PM

    When 9.1 first came out, company directory, manager dashboard, and a few other features did not exist. They were added and expanded in various feature packs. If those feature packs are not applied, you will not get these features.

  5. I have created one dashboard page, I am able to see the page in the navigation (Content reference), but I am not sure how to display that in the Homepage.Can you please guide me,as per peoplebook "When you use the Manage Dashboard Pages component to create new dashboard pages, the application automatically registers the dashboard as a homepage in the portal", please guide me!!!