Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oracle ACE!

With extreme pride I can announce that I have been honored as an Oracle ACE!

What is an Oracle ACE?

The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Oracle Technology and Applications communities for their contributions to those communities. These individuals are technically proficient when applicable and willingly to share their knowledge and experiences.

Where can I find Oracle ACEs?

Oracle Ace Directory

For more information on the Oracle Ace Program, see the FAQ.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to a couple of extraordinary people:

Ramon Schliszka, our Solution Architect, for nominating me and motivating me for years.

Domien Bolmers, my former manager, for encouraging me and providing me the freedom to contribute to the Oracle community.

John van der Kooij, Software Architect, my reviewer, editor, designer, worthy colleague and most of all, dear friend. You make everything look and sound better.

Our PeopleSoft team, or better said PeopleSoft family, because that is how it feels coming to work every day.

Last but not least, my lovely understanding wife, for coping with me ‘working' on my PC on non-working hours.

Thank you Oracle for this great honor!


  1. Congratulations Hakan!
    See you again at OOW ;-)
    Or sooner....

  2. Soesanto Bosari2:35 PM

    Congrats Hakan!

  3. Hope sooner and hope there is budget for OOW this year, already looking forward to it!

  4. Congratulations! Well earned. You are a great asset to the PeopleSoft community

  5. Thnx Jim, it is people like you that inspire others to take the next step

  6. Rick van Breugel10:39 AM

    Hakan, gefeliciteerd!
    Loon naar werken!

    Groeten van een oud collega

  7. Tim van Soest (Oracle Alliance Manager)11:38 PM

    Hakan, fantastisch, van harte!!

  8. Congratulations Hakan! Indeed a great honor and evidence that you are perceived to be one of the best out there! Feel free to contact me, I would like to ensure you get the most out of the ACE program.

  9. Mustafa Cakir2:28 PM

    Congrats Hakan!!