Saturday, April 20, 2013

Installing PeopleSoft 9.2 pre-build virtual machine

The past years I have seen a lot of people on OTN forum struggling with PeopleSoft installations. Installing PeopleSoft on uncertified OS, mismatch between versions and releases, 32 vs 64 bit, etc, etc.

Well those days are over. As of April 14, Oracle made pre-build virtual machines of PeopleSoft HCM 9.2, ELM 9.2 and FSCM 9.2 for VirtualBox available. These virtual machines enable you to get a PeopleSoft Demo up and running within an hour, without installation! No, I am not lying nor am I fooling you, I timed it! Customers do not have to invest time and effort in installing a Demo environment and developers can have a properly installed local environment for R&D.

In this post I will describe the steps you need to take to get started with the PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 virtual machine. I will be deploying the virtual machine on my laptop with following hardware:
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  • 8 GB RAM
Get ready to be amazed ...

In order to run the virtual machine, you need to have VirtualBox running. If you do not have it installed yet, download and install it.

The virtual machines can be downloaded from My Oracle Support,  PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page [ID 1464619.1].

Click on the link PeopleSoft HCM Demo Image link and you will be redirected to the Patches site.

These are the split file of the virtual machine. Download them all.

On the PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page scroll down to the attachments sections and also download following highlighted document. It contains detailed information on the virtual machine deployment and maintenance.

After you have downloaded the files, extract the virtual machine split files. You end up with the following files.

These files have to merged first to one file. Open a command prompt and run following command:
copy /b HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_1of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_2of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_3of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_4of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_5of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_6of7+HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_7of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova

After this you will have the ova file, which you can import in VirtualBox.

To clear some space on your hard disk, you can delete all above files, except the ova file off course.

Start VirtualBox and from the menu select Import Appliance

On the next screen select the ova file.

On the Appliance screen make sure to check Reinitialize the MAC address

Click on Import. This import took about half an hour on my laptop.

When the virtual machine is imported, you can see that the virtual hard disks have been created with a total size of 55 GB. So, prior to staring this step, make sure you have enough hard disk space available. At this time you can also delete the ova file if you wish to, to clear some hard disk space.

The virtual machine is pre-configured with the following settings.

It is configured to run with 4 GB RAM. Besides PeopleSoft, the virtual machine also contains Secure Enterprise Search. If you plan to use SES, it is recommended to increase this to at least 6 GB. Also note that the virtual machine is configured with a Host-Only network adapter. This will allow the virtual machine to communicate with the host, which is good enough for a local sandbox. If you plan to make it accessible from a corporate or home network, you need to use the Bridged network adapter. I will use it as a local sandbox, so I will keep the Host-only network adapter and increase the RAM allocation to 6 GB. After this click on the Start icon and the virtual machine will start. Not so long after this you will be prompted some configuration questions.

I think the answer to the first question is obvious.

Next you are prompted to set the password for the root account.

Next select to use a static or dynamic IP address. I first tried setting a static IP address, but the script prompted me for the ip address, subnet and gateway. With a Host-only adapter you do not need to provide a gateway, but the script would not accept this??? So I switched back to have a dynamic ip address.

If you want to proceed configuring a Host-only adapter, you can provide the same ip address for the gateway and DNS server as your guest ip address.

Next set your hostname. I chose to set it to

Next you can change you PeopleSoft database name. I kept it default.

Finally you are prompted if you want to setup SES. I was very impressed by SES and the integration with PeopleSoft in PeopleTools 8.52, so I definitely want SES to be configured on this VM.

After this all the PeopleSoft and SES components are configured and are being started.

This process took another half hours. Why did it took half an hour? I will explain this later on.

On my laptop I modified by hosts file and added the following line

Now you can start your favorite browser and go to the PeopleSoft signon page

In fact your are now done and have a PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Demo environment running!

Usually after installation you have to preform some manual configuration steps. Now this amazed me the most of the this virtual machine. Everything is configured.

Report node

Integration Broker

Default Local Node

My own WOW moment

SES configuration in PeopleSoft and SES

And this why the configuration took half an hour. The search indexes are all deployed, build and crawled. SES immediate works after starting your virtual machine.

What was not configured what I added manually:

Web Profile

On the used web profile, I have added the authentication domain and the PeopleSoft Help url to the Hosted PeopleBooks. The documentation states the authentication domain would have been set automatically if you configured the virtual machine with a static ip address.


The ANONYMOUS node was set to user @userpass@. I have changed this to PS.

Using Application Designer

If you are a developer or if you want to have a look at the source objects of PeopleSoft you can install PeopleTools Client on your host or on another Windows virtual machine. The installation files for PeopleTools Client and Oracle Client are also available on the virtual machine. I will install these on host (my laptop).

Start windows explorer and type \

On the provided shares copy the folder oracle-client to you host. Do not copy client! This contains PeopleTools Client, where the installer requires to run from the virtual machine.

In the copied oracle-client folder, extract In the extracted folder start the installer.

Choose Runtime as installation type.

Provide the installation directory. We will be needing this for the Configuration Manager later on.

Finish the installer and from the copied oracle-client folder locate the tnsnames.ora and copy it to$ORACLE_HOMEnetworkadmin on the host. In my case this is D:appsoracleproduct11.2.0client_1networkadmin.

Verify connectivity

Open a command prompt and type sqlplus SYSADM/SYSADM@HR92DM00

SQL Developer

For those who want to use SQL Developer, it is also part of the Oracle Client installation. In the Windows Start menu, you will also find SQL Developer. When you start it for the first time, it will prompt you for the java path.

Use the jdk folder that is part of the Oracle Client installation.

After this create a new connection to the PeopleSoft database, using the settings as shown above. You can now start the PeopleTools Client installer.

Install PeopleTools Client

In the shares folder start the setup.bat installer in the clientDisk1 folder.

On the license code screen enter the PeopleTools license code, available from

Finish the installer and start Configuration Manager from the Windows start menu.

On the Startup tab set Database name, userid, connectID to people and password to peop1e.

Go to tab Profile and provide the Oracle Client path

Now you are all ready to start using Application Designer and use PeopleSoft.

I want to thank everyone from Oracle that had any role in making this virtual machine available. It is really amazing with which ease you can have a Demo environment running.

If you are not that comfortable with Linux and would rather have a GUI, have a look at the following post Extending the PeopleSoft 9.2 virtual machine with GUI and Guest Additions


  1. How to download from oracle support if you don't have Support Identifier id?

  2. Sorry John,

    There is no alternative, you need a Support Identifier.


  3. "As of March 14...", or April ?


  4. You are absolutely correct.
    Modified it to April.

  5. Tester6:28 AM

    I am getting the following error when I start the server:
    this kernel requires an x86-64 cpu
    Can this not be installed on a 32 bit pc?

  6. as stated in the documentation:

    CPU and BIOS setting: Verify that the processor is 64-bit and enable virtualization extensions.
    The host computer on which the PeopleSoft VirtualBox appliances will run must have a 64-bit processor
    that can support hardware virtualization.
    PeopleSoft VirtualBox appliance relies on 64-bit Oracle Linux guest operating systems (OSs). VirtualBox
    does not support software virtualization for 64-bit OSs. So the host system should support hardware
    virtualization. Your host system must have 64-bit CPUs that support Intel™ Virtualization Technology
    (Intel VT, first released in 2005) or AMD Virtualization (AMD-V™) Technology (first released in 2006)
    hardware-virtualization features.

  7. Arvind7:21 PM

    Hakan, First of all, thank you for this post. Its very informative. I followed your steps and was able to download, setup and start the VM. However, I am not able to get to the login page. I enabled SES but at boot time see this error "denied {execmod} for pid=3100....". There is a path after this pointing to the SES home. Any idea on how I can resolve this?

  8. Joost8:39 PM

    Thanks for the post, Hakan!
    It was a real pain to find this VM on Oracle's webpage(s), so I decided to follow your instructions. Now I still need the support identifier, but that shouldn't be too hard...

  9. Joost,

    If you are ready to share your support identifier, please let me know. I am a student and don't have access to any support identifier.

  10. This error can be ignored, you can fix it later on, please, fond out more


  11. Deb, a support identifier is a paid service for My Oracle Support access. It cannot be shared.


  12. Getting below error
    Failed to open a session for the virtual machine HCMDB-SES-85302d.

    VT-x features locked or unavailable in MSR. (VERR_VMX_MSR_LOCKED_OR_DISABLED).

    Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
    Component: Console
    Interface: IConsole {db7ab4ca-2a3f-4183-9243-c1208da92392}

  13. I received the same error when I first had MS Virtual PC running, this caused VirtualBox not being to allocate the virtualization.
    After restarting my host and not starting any virtualization program (VMWare, Virtual PC, etc) before starting VirtualBox, the error disappeared.

    Hope it helps.

  14. How to find if there is any other program running/ I configured this on existing Virtual box that has 8 GB RAM & 130 GB harddisk

  15. It resolved after changing bios settings and moved further

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Now I gave custom database name and it failed
    It says application initialization failure
    Will look into this tomorrow

  16. hi, it is asking for hcm92 login and password
    I tried using PS/PS but still no luck. Please let me know which password I can use

  17. Hi Hakan,
    I am trying to setup some notifications & workflow, but the email notifications do not seem to work. I changed the SMTP server settings to point to the default domain of Can you provide any input on this?


  18. You need to point the smtp server to an actual mail relay.
    You could use Gmail as smtp server, see following blog on to do this:

    Prior to this, you need to enable internet on the virtual machine by adding a NAT adapter.
    See first part of the following blog on how to do this:

  19. TomBain7:48 PM

    If I am reading this right, this is for PeopleSoft on Linux. Do they have the VMs for PeopleSoft on Windows?

  20. Peoplesoft VM on Windows would imply Copyrights... whether it is now on *Oracle Linux* based.

  21. TomBain8:58 PM

    Ok, so how are we to use PUM and VMs like they plan to do since we don't run Linux? Or is it the same for the Windows machine where we have to install PT, the app, and all the bundles and fixes to get our demo created?

  22. TomBain10:51 PM

    Ok, so how are we to use PUM and VMs like they plan to do since we don’t run Linux? Or is it the same for the Windows machine where we have to install PT, the app, and all the bundles and fixes to get our demo created?

  23. Please advice which userid you are using for the login info

  24. Ok, userid is "root" and password is the one that you setup initially for the root

  25. I hope Hakan won't mind if I reply here, don't want to hijack this nice blog entry.

    @Tom, that kind of question should be posted in OTN forum,
    Anyway, the current Peoplesoft VMs are just *virtual* machines that you install in VirtualBox on top of your current OS, whatever it is (it is nothing but simulating a remote server, it has nothing to do with your). You actually don't care that much about the choosen OS of these VMs.
    You can run compare report, copy projet and so on between your own environment, say physical machine running on Windows, and the Peoplesoft VM running on Oracle linux. There's absolutely no issue to work across different plateform.


  26. Nicolas,

    I haven't had time to respond to all the questions. Just like the OTN forum we are trying to help the community in own time.

    I am very honored and appreciate you replying to the questions raised here.
    Please feel free to reply to any questions.



  27. TomBain3:05 PM

    I understand, however, but I'm a bit dismayed. Like I said, we are a Windows shop. No Linux whatsoever. And we've found that quite a few of the problems can come from, not the OS that it is on, but how certain settings are setup on that that OS. So I guess these VMs wouldn't work for that and it makes me wonder if those are something Oracle has thought of yet.

  28. @Tom, according to the note #1538142.1 the VMs are (quoting) :
    1. Non-production use, including conference room pilots, demos, fit-gap analysis, etc.
    2. Maintaining and patching PeopleSoft 9.2 applications, using the new PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
    3. Can be used as a 9.2 Upgrade Source database, if desired.
    Reading carefully the above, I hardly think something OS specific on that level (you are on Windows, but many shops are also on AIX, HP, Solaris...).
    Basically, the PUM utility does not care the OS of the source, not more than the target.
    You really should go through the doc "Getting Started with PeopleSoft Update Manager" given in the note PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page [ID 1464619.1].

    In any cases of doubt, I would recommand to raise a service request and ask your question directly to the Peoplesoft team. They are most likely the best to reply at a such concern.

    That said, do you know that Peoplesoft was developped on MS SQL Server for many years ? That never make it non-workable on Oracle, Sysbase and DB2.


  29. i could not download the file and it show locked, even accept the License

  30. TomBain11:54 PM

    For anyone interested I contacted Oracle and spoke to one of their techs. So for Windows users these Demo images are not of use to us. We are still waiting for the PUM images and Upgrade images and its those we would use to build our tailored CA package for upgrades. Just thought I'd share. The information from Oracle is confusing and its not all out yet. Too bad. It would have been nice for Windows admins to get a demo in an hour too.

  31. I see most of these same steps, but before the SES prompt, I am presented with a Linux login. I am business user, not a developer. How do I start the application so I can access it from the IP address (or hostname in HOSTS)?

  32. FloppySnail10:26 PM

    The IP address is this one:

  33. I downloaded the Peoplesoft Finance 9.2 image from Oracle and I had followed all the steps mentioned in this post .After importing the file when I had started the VM after going through all the step it got stuck on Configuring and starting the PIA for long time then machine get rebooted and after that when I was trying to start the VM and tried to login to PIA using the it is saying page not displayed. I can though able to ping the ip from my PC also able to get into the folder by giving the \

    Can you please help me to know why I am not able to get into the online page.

  34. @Joy, somehow the autostart is not configured at all on FSCM92 appliances as they are on HCM92... Please find out more


  35. I just did that what is mentioned in the link for the auto start, still no luck, can you please tell me how I can open the psadmin utility in Virtual box

  36. Currently I am getting the below error while trying to boot the domain
    CMDTUX_CAT:1685: ERROR: Application initialization failure

    tmboot: CMDTUX_CAT:827: ERROR: Fatal error encountered; initiating user error handler

  37. @Joy, I'd tend to think your question/problem would better fit as a question in OTN forum rather than a blog comment.


  38. Venkat1:41 AM

    Virtual Box Error: Failed to import appliance C:HCM92DemoHCMDB-SES-85302d.ova.

    Please help me out ! how to resolve this issue ?

  39. Rahul9:25 PM

    Does anyone know how to merge into one ova file in mac OS?

  40. Giovanni3:20 PM

    I had the same problem. It's oracle / oracle. Then you will need to change the password to the same "user root" password you entered in the beginning of the setup.

  41. Giovanni5:57 PM

    Whoops! I learned it's "root" and that user root password. Sorry.

  42. Hi,

    I am getting following error on trying to import file C:AlokPeopleSoftHCM 9.2 Demo ImageHCMDB-SES-85302d.ova into Virtual box.

    Failed to import appliance C:AlokPeopleSoftHCM 9.2 Demo ImageHCMDB-SES-85302d.ova.

    Could not create the clone medium 'C:VirtualBox VMsHCMDB-SES-85302dHCMDB-SES-85302d-disk1.vmdk' (VERR_ZIP_ERROR).

    Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
    Component: Appliance
    Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

    Any help is appreciated..


  43. ADAN LOPEZ9:34 AM

    Thank you so much!! It works perfectly =)

    Greetings from Mexico City

  44. Thank you for the great info....

    You mention "On my laptop I modified by hosts file and added the following line"

    Where would I find the hosts file?

  45. Sakky2:21 PM

    You can view the hosts file in /etc folder in your Linux box.

  46. Sakky2:23 PM

    In your Windows machine, yu can view the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

  47. lcairns8:19 PM

    If I'm not mistaken, I had the same issue with the first image for HR that was posted (which is different then the one you are trying to load - we aren't an oracle shop). Anyhow, the image that I downloaded came with a file in the 1of7 zip file called MD5-SHA1_Checksum.txt. Once all zips are downloaded, you need to run a checksum on them and compare to the values in this file. If they all check out, combine the files and run a checksum on the .ova file and compare it to the value in the file. If the .ova file happens to not match, try combining the files into one again. (I had unzipped the files on one drive and copied them all over to another and then combined them. Somehow, something got out of sorts during and I ended up unzipping the files all over, and then combined on same drive where I unzipped.)

    As I said, I don't know if the image file that you are using comes with the checksum info or not, hopefully it does because it was a big help

  48. I follow the steps above exactly without any problems however after a certain point I seem to be presented with different options.
    #1. Do you want to proceed = Y
    #2. I set a new password for the root account
    #3. I do the dynamic ip configuration just like above (Y)
    #4. I manually configure the hostname just like above
    #5. I keep the default PeopleSoft database name just like above.
    But now I am presented with a screen that says
    "Oracle Linux Server release 5.7
    Kernel 2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek on an X86_64
    hcm92 login:"
    I use oracle as the login and password.
    I am then presented with the following
    "you are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)
    Changing password for oracle
    (current) UNIX password. "
    "New UNIX password:" - I enter a value.(this is actually the same as the value in #2 above)
    "retype new unix password: " I do this and then am presented with the text below.
    [oracle@hcm92 ~]$_

    What do I enter now?

  49. Mike Upton5:05 PM

    Hi there. Just an fyi.. There has been an updated demo that I'm just downloading patch 17007557 - July 2, 2013) that supersedes the previous version It contains a bat file to extract the zip files and produce the single ova file.

    My question though: Is there any documentation on how to use the demo environment such as demo userids, and demo business processes, how to bring up the Recruiting Gateway Web UI or Talent Enablement Web UI

  50. Could someone shed some light on how to install Micro Focus COBOL and compile COBOL on the VM? Thanks!

  51. Rahul6:26 AM

    Below command works in OSx

    cat HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_1of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_2of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_3of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_4of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_5of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_6of7 HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova_7of7 > HCMDB-SES-85302d.ova

  52. Rahul6:44 AM

    I could neither find cobol setup files nor was installed by default. I downloaded it from and used /opt/oracle/psft/vm/ script to install the 30 day trial version. I basically modified and used SetEnvVars(), SetAppbatchEnvVars(), CheckCreateCOBOLEnvironment(), InstallCobolLicense() and CompileAndLinkCobols() functions.

  53. PSintallation4:40 PM

    Will it work on windows 7 64-bit and 4GB RAM?


  54. If you disable SES and set VM RAM to 3GB it might work.

  55. Anton8:56 AM

    That worked for me, but then I found that there was no Global Payroll source code, which is what I was looking to compile anyway. The next version of the OVM due out on the 16th August 2013 should come with that included.

  56. Jason M7:27 PM


    When I went through the install I did not get the option to setup SES? Any idea's how I can accomplish this after the fact?

  57. Hi Jason,

    I described to steps the 9.2 demo vm.
    Currently also 9.2.001 demo are available.

    I had downloaded FSCM 9.2.001 demo and I also missed the SES option.
    However SES was still installed and configured.

    It looks like SES is not optional anymore, but mandatory.

    Perhaps you also downloaded the 9.2.001 version of the demo image.


    Hakan Biroglu

  58. Thanks a lot. This is a valuable piece of info!

  59. ShakeMartini9:55 PM


    Thank you for this post. I downloaded the 9.2.001 demo image over the weekend and followed the steps in the documentation available on the PUM Homepage. I was able to get the PIA up and running, but for some reason could never get App Designer working in two-tier mode.

    Today, I started over and followed your instructions and everything is up and running. Pretty amazing ... I would have to agree.

    I would sympathize with other Windows / MS Shop users. The Unix / Linux hurdle is a little high when you have not had experience with it, but a little persistence and searching and I've got a working demo environment on my Windows 7 64-bit machine... complete with App Designer, SQL Developer, Data Mover, etc. Very handy for reviewing this system with a planned upgrade in mind for early next year. You post was most helpful.

  60. Jason M4:23 PM

    Hi Hakan,

    Yes, you are correct I downloaded the HCM 9.2. But search is not working for me, so I believe it is not installed.

  61. Guy Tabrar10:44 AM

    Thank you very much for this, very helpful indeed!

    Has anyone been able to work out the database username/password and port numbers? Just to save me doing everything through SQLplus using the local user credentials.



  62. As stated in document Using Oracle VM VirtualBox Appliances for PeopleSoft Applications PeopleSoft database listener runs on port 1522.
    SYSADM/SYSADM is the userid/password for the database

  63. Pratheepan Ganesan5:29 PM

    PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 is up and running in my Laptop (almost 6 years old!!!) 6gb RAM. planning to upgrade just RAM as of now.. I have been installing PS from 7.5.. but nothing was as easy as this one :) vm templates rock.. way to go. I thank you very much for sharing the information.
    SES did not get configured automatically I need to check this up.

  64. ShakeMartini4:13 AM

    One thing to watch out for...
    Make sure to install the Demo Image for your environment as opposed to the patch set image if you want SES to be pre-configured.

    The demo image is configured with SES. The patch set image is not. Unfortunately, the demo images seem to run a bit behind the patch set images in terms of currency of the release.

  65. HI All,
    I have tried to deploy HCM9.2.002 image , i strucked in hcm92 login and password . any one could pls suggest ? i given login and password correct but am seeing the below command from 30min with no response [oracle@hcm92 ~]$

  66. psoftconsult4:38 PM

    Just finished installing HCM9.2 and PeopleTools and everything is working fine. I was stuck at couple of steps -
    1. I could not connect to database using SQL*Plus ...strange but found that I needed to type SYSADM/SYSADM in all caps and it worked
    2. For some strange reason, while installing PeopleTools, my anti-virus software was not allowing couple of dll files to be installed. Turned off AV during installation and worked okay after that.
    3. Also while installing PeopleTools, remember that you need to use the license codes for PeopleTools and not HCM (or any other product)

  67. psoftconsult4:43 PM

    You are at the correct step... what you are seeing is the Linux prompt after successful login ... Try some unix commands like "pwd" or "ls -tl" ...
    Your next step is to modify the host file or if you are impatient like me just type in "" and you are good to login using PS/PS or VP1/VP1

  68. Kiran5:17 PM

    Yes , am able to browser the PIA through my host machine browser(i tried using Firefox) ,i got some questions on this , is it possible to do PIA access through the Linux virtual machine? and in run prompt i tried to access // and also tried // to get setup folders of Oracle client and people tools 8.53 but no shared network am seeing .

    How can i resolve this? even though am facing performance issue may be due configuration , i want to see shared folders provided by Image.

  69. Vidhya5:29 AM

    How can we access the peoplecode trace taken from PIA. pls can you mention the location where it is created.

  70. psoftconsult12:27 AM

    Start a new Windows Explorer on your laptop and expand Network ... you should see the VM there with name "VBOX". You can expand that to get the install files for oracle and peopletools ... hope this helps.

  71. Kiran6:54 PM

    It worked , i found the apps. Thanks

  72. Ken Kaspersen11:27 PM

    These blog details were extremely helpful for me. Thanks very much! Couple notes on the networking that might help others:

    To make the environment accessible by my co-workers from other machines on the LAN, I had some success using the Bridged network setting. However, with that setting, Tuxedo failed to boot intermittently and I also occasionally lost network connections on the main box. So I switched to NAT with Port forwarding, and it works much better. Just left the Host IP and Guest IP fields blank and put in Host Port of 80 and Guest Port of 8000. This enables others in my network to browse to the login page using (by not specifying the Port, it attempts to hit my machine on 80):


    The NAT setting then picks this up and forwards it to the VirtualBox Linux server on Port 8000.

    Ken K

  73. Pankaj5:44 PM

    All, I tried installing FSCM 9.2 by following above steps. Everything went well but my installation got stuck after changing root password at [root@fscm92 ~]# step. I am not sure how to process further. Please help.

  74. Ahsan5:47 PM

    Great blog. I recently successfully set up the PSoft HCM 92 DEMO VM.

    After the VM is started, I can access the front end fine but I am unable to log into the actual HR92DMO2 Database. When I log into the VM, I see the SES DB LIstener running but I cannot see the HR92DMO2 listener. I know the DB is running since I can log into PSoft and I see the processes. How can I configure the Listener for HR92DMO2? I currently have HOST ONLY & NAT setup for my network settings. Not sure if this an issue. Is there an additional step I need to to do to configure the listener, etc for the HCM92 DB?

  75. Prince6:27 AM

    Can anyone please let me know how to reset the password for Oracle Linux Server Release 5.7 ?

  76. Jason M5:23 AM

    Hi, I want to transfer some sqrs and sqc's to the vm. So I tried access the VM from my windows host using \\ I see three folders: client; oracle-client; pi_home. I went to the pi_home but I am not able to paste any files I get an error "you do not have permissions". Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  77. Jason,

    Try using sFTP with for example FileZilla.
    Use your root user and port 22.
    This will provide you access to the entire directory structure.
    Be sure to change owner after you tranfers the files.


  78. ShakeMartini3:09 PM

    I'm trying to import the HCMDB-85306-DI002.OVA appliance into VirtualBox. I was previously able to import HCMDB-85304-DI001.OVA and it still works, but I wanted to be able to work with the changes delivered in the latest demo image.

    Every time I try to import the appliance, I receive the following error:
    Failed to import appliance ---\HCMDB-85306-DI002.OVA.
    Could not create the clone medium '...\VirtualBox VMs\HCMDB-SES-85306d\HCMDB-SES-85306d-disk1.vmdk' (VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_FORMAT).

    Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)
    Component: Appliance
    Interface: IAppliance {3059cf9e-25c7-4f0b-9fa5-3c42e441670b}

    I have tried downloading the zip files again and rebuilding the appliance, but this did not solve the problem.

    I am running VirtualBox on a Windows 7 host and have tried VirtualBox versions 4.2.18 and 4.3.0.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance?

  79. Vamsi3:40 AM

    I have installed FSCM 9.2 image using the linux template. I am receiving an error psdbgutils.dll is missing when starting app designer. Any help in this regard.

    Additionally how can we access the Appserver PSIDE.EXE file on server or the log files inside VM ?

  80. Jimmy5:11 AM

    Hi, would you be able to explain exactly what is required to install COBOL and compile. Which files do I need from edelivery? And once the file(s) is downloaded then what?

    thank you for your help

  81. J K Sharma5:15 AM

    Mr. Hakan, Good Morning! I have windows 7 home Premium on my Laptop. Do you think I can get Peoplesoft virtual appliance /machine working on this ?? I could not find it on oracle site. Please hlep !

  82. Jason M5:56 PM

    Hi, is it a certainly possible, just follow the instructions Hakan has posted.

  83. Kiran3:05 PM

    Hi psoftconsult/All,
    i have deployed 9.2 P002 image in virtual box and able to access PIA and DB through client ,now issue with Peopletools 8.53 login shows a error message invalid AccessID and password -i tried PS/PS ,VP1/VP1 but no luck .
    Given connect ID-people connectIdpwd: peop1e ,DB drivers path also configured properly with tnsentries.

    Checked tables psaccesprfl pwd is encrypted and PS is ID,psdbowner symbolic id is SYSADM1 for DB. where could be a issue in the PT853 login ? Thanks in advance.

  84. Kiran4:11 PM

    Hi All,
    Above login issue resolved and working fine now after changed owner to SYSADM,updated PSACCESSPRFL and provided Grant to PSACCESSPRFL.

  85. Hi,

    I am trying to install peoplesoft into my Laptop 6 GB ram,64 bit Win 7.

    I followed the steps mentioned in the above article but getting the below error on PS page when trying to launch PIA by accessing this URL --


    Please suggest how to fix this.



  86. Lakshmi1:03 AM

    I installed HCM 9.2 and getting errors when starting the virtual image. My laptop is a Windows 7 64 bit one. The scroll goes fast and the last message I see is

    Kernel Panic - not syncing: fatal exception

    Pid: 1, comm: swapper Tainted: G D W 2.6.32-400.28.1.el5uek #1
    Call Trace:
    [<ffffff...] init_tsc_clocksource+0x25/0x6c


    Did any one encounter such an error? Any help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated!

  87. @Lakshmi
    This is what Google gave back based on "Pid: 1, comm: swapper Tainted: G D W 2.6.32-400.28.1.el5uek #1"

    -> When this happens, the only way is to shutdown the VM via “Power off the machine” option. It powers off and when we start the VM again, it starts up without any errors or at times shows the same error. Then we need to restart the OVM Manager and it boots up fine.

  88. Vijay1:56 PM

    Hello Hakan, Thank you very much for providing these instructions in detailed. However when I install I did not get the prompt "Do you wish to setup Secure Enterprise Search", I have installed FSCM 9.2 Image2. Please advice.

  89. priya3:02 PM

    Hello Hakan, when I install FSCM9.2 Image I did not get the prompt " Do you wish to setup Secure Enterprise Search" and when i type "", I am getting a blank page on the browser.

  90. We were able to get through the installation of Virtual Box and importing and configuring the Peoplesoft HCM image. Has anyone tried the next steps with using Change Assistant to create a change package? We are having issue since our current environment is HCM 9.0 PT 8.51.22 and we are working with image HCM 9.2 PT 8.53.07 Change assistant doesn't seem to work between those two tools environments so we cant see any agents in our HUB environment. Any advice would be appreciated.

  91. Greg Anderson8:50 PM

    Have you or anyone here tried to deploy the an image as described in the documentation "Allowing Your VM to Access the External Network" ? I have deployed the VM multiple times without problem using the host only adapter, and have now been requested to install it so it can be accessed via a static IP address. I followed the instructions (using the bridged Adapter) and applied rules to my firewall, but I am still not able to connect to the VM. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks

  92. KenKaspersen9:49 PM

    Hi Greg, Check out my comment from 9/26. I was able to get the bridged setting to work, but it was unstable. So I went with the port mapping option. It allows you to use the ip or hostname of the physical machine to access the site within the LAN. I used the same feature to expose the sql*net listener to allow folks to login to with app designer or sql*plus. Hope that's helpful! Regards, Ken

  93. santhosh r11:44 AM

    Hi All,
    I am planning to suggest this kind of a demo setup in one of our servers, but my only question is Will all features of HCM run in this, and specifically can we run payroll in this kind of demo instance?
    and what are the cons having this kind of demo if any?

    Santhosh R

  94. Vivek Reddy9:50 AM

    Hi All,
    I downloaded the VM templates from edelivery. But the file extensions are in tgz format. Does The installation process will be the same as mentioned in the blog or i need to download all the files in ova format to deploy them in Virtual box. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

  95. Vivek Reddy10:38 AM

    Hi All,

    What is the difference between the Oracle VM Virtual Box and Oracle VM Manager, Server? Which one will be easier to implement?Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

  96. Venkat Ch12:38 AM

    I have successfully installed VM Virtual Box and PS FSCM and HCM 9.2 on Windows 7-64bit and during the installation never prompted for SES setup and please let me know how configure/setup the SES.

    Secondly, I have installed VM Virtual Box on Windows 8.1-64bit and it is not letting me to install PS FSCM 9.2 and getting issues. Anyone who has installed on Windows 8.1 please share their experiences and how to resolve the issue(s).

  97. Do we have difference between creating PeopleSoft 9.2 pre-build virtual machine (using the OVA file and importing to the virtual box) and creating PeopleSoft 9.2 using the DPK's (using psft-dpk-setup.bat)?