Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Implementation Partner Bootcamp

I am pleased to announce that Oracle invites partners to participate in the Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Implementation Bootcamp. And I am even more pleased to announce that I am personally attending this bootcamp.

This hands-on two week workshop is delivered by Oracle Fusion HCM Development.  It consists of presentations, live demos and hands-on laboratory exercises. The objective is to help delivery consultants understand how to implement the latest release (R7) of Oracle Fusion HCM’s Global Human Resources and common architecture features before embarking on an Oracle Fusion HCM Applications Cloud implementation project.
After attending the first week of the bootcamp, it has become clear that this bootcamp is not a traditional classroom training, where the trainers go through a script to complete the content and the trainees do some basic activities. The bootcamp is more on discussions and use cases. Since most of the partners have their own local on-premise Fusion sandbox running and have been conducting their own R&D and have potential customers lined up, the discussions have a very deep detailed level of use cases and the instructors are more than capable in explaining the partners how to solve these use cases and explain and show why things work the way they work by diving in the "back-end" of Fusion HCM. My complements to the trainers on their level of knowledge and expertice on the subjects.

Sometimes though the answers were disappointing, meaning in a way that it's just not (yet) possible in a cloud scenario. But in most of the cases the answers where that other solutions beside the traditional obvious ERP solutions are possible and preferable, sometimes in the form of workarounds, but mostly in a form that also the partners (not just the customers) need to go through the transition of mindset of on-premise vs Cloud.

What also differs this bootcamp from traditional trainings, is that we have a conference call twice a week with the Center of Excellence of Oracle HCM Development and are able to ask questions and brainstorm with the development team.

Did I mention that the training is conducted on release 7 including Fuse? And that every partner has access to their own dedicated Fusion HCM instance? That every partner has been provided access to the HCM Implementation Workspace? That the bootcamp covers the entire lifecycle: HCM core setup, workflow, BI, extend & customize, import & export data, security, best practices and a lot more?

This is a huge commitment from Oracle towards the selected partners and after the first week I can't wait to start on the second week.

So get ready for a lot of blogs on Fusion HCM ...

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  1. Steve Dorward3:13 PM

    Hi, how do I attend these bootcamps and do you know how much they cost?