Saturday, February 25, 2012

PeopleSoft goes Mobile, again

For years PeopleSoft had Mobile applications build on PeopleTools for various applications. On June 5, 2009 this got deprecated, see statement from Oracle below. But now Oracle is again taking the Mobile road, this time not using PeopleTools, but Oracle Mobile ADF. First to be released is Oracle Mobile Inventory, available for Windows Mobile, Ipad and Android, in fact all devices with a mobile browser. Hope that Oracle will incorporate Mobile in other applications too.

Deprecation Notice for PeopleTools Mobile technology and Mobile Agent

The PeopleTools Mobile technology and Mobile Agent is being deprecated as of June 5, 2009. Following this date the functionality will no longer be available to any new customers who have not already licensed it. Customers that have already licensed mobile applications may continue to use (and/or upgrade and use) the functionality with PeopleSoft applications (8.8, 8.9, or 9.0). Customers licensed to mobile applications that wish to perform a PeopleTools upgrade to 8.49 or 8.50 and continue using the PeopleTools Mobile functionality should contact Global Customer Service prior to the upgrade. GCS will provide the instructions on enabling mobile functionality following the PeopleTools upgrade.

How does it work?

Component Interfaces are being deployed as web services. Mobile pages created using Oracle ADF Mobile call the webservices to retrieve data from PeopleSoft and write data to PeopleSoft.

As a developer the first I wanted to know was, is it customizable or extendable. The answers is YES, the sources files are also being delivered by Oracle. These source files can be found in the file V1 is the version number that changes over time and can be found in the directory PS_HOME\setup\oracle\adfMobile\Inventory. See on how to customize this part in Appendix B of the installation manual.

Installation manual can be downloaded via eDelivery

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