Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oracle Open World: The day before the day before

Today, the 28th of September, started off with an 11 hours flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. All together, leaving home to the airport and checking in the hotel, took 17 hours. Something to think about if you are planning to attend Oracle Open World in the future from the Netherlands.

Because of the good weather conditions we had the chance to see the great glaciers of beautiful Greenland/Iceland.

Arriving in San Francisco the sun was shining bright … 

but from the airport to the hotel the name “City of Fog” became clear (or blurry) 

After checking into my hotel, I had to see Moscone Center. Walking to Moscone Center, it became clear that Oracle is painting San Francisco Oracle Red. Everywhere you can see big billboards and banners of Oracle Open World and on almost every corner an Oracle Open World flag can be found.

Arriving at Moscone Center you could see that Oracle is all set for Oracle Open World.

Looking around and talking to people, it becomes clear that this year’s buzz words are:
  • Mobile

  • Social Media

  • Cloud

Oracle had announced Oracle Cloud at OOW 2011, but it looks like the Cloud Services have been deployed in the US region mainly, because we haven’t seen much of this in Europe. Will Oracle bring something new to the Cloud this year?

Oracle had also announced ADF Mobile native on OOW 2011. One year later this is still a Beta release and not available to the general public. Will Oracle finally release ADF mobile native this year? And will this be the standard for Mobile apps for Applications?

So, it looks like this year’s new item will be Social Media and especially integrated in the Applications. From the first screenshots released during the year, it looks like Oracle is bringing this familiar way of communication between people on private level to an efficient business use of the end users of the Applications.

In a couple of days I hope to confirm/answers these questions.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's report.

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