Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oracle Open World: The day before

Today is all about registration. Luckily one of the registration points is also in my hotel, so I was able to register without waiting in any line. Imagine, about 45,000 people will be registering today for Oracle Open World.

It also helped that I registered at 7 AM, when they opened. You can do that if you have been awake since 3 AM. I thought I could cheat the jet lag by staying up late (10 PM, had been up for more than 24 hours), but it doesn't seem to work that way...

After registration I received my golden ticket from Larry Wonka :)

And that is not all, I also received a bag of goodies ...

Today is also the day of preparation. The hotel lobby being the only place with free WiFi, everyone is making last-minute adjustments and completing their material.

And not just the attendees, but also Oracle is working hard to complete the halls on Union Square.

Think it is an easy job to organize an event for 45,000 people? See this Behind the scenes video on preparation for Oracle Open World

With my session being on Wednesday 3:30 PM, it is looking to be an even bigger crowd. Already 178 people have pre-registered!

A few links for all those, who are not able to attend Oracle Open World, but want to stay tuned with the latest updates:

Oracle Open World News

See live streams and recorded Keynotes

Tune into the Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival artists

Stay tuned for tomorrow's report, when we kickoff.

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