Saturday, June 04, 2016

Fusion Cloud web services: Deprecated does not mean obsolete

During a Fusion Cloud implementation we had the task of creating the conversion to Enterprise Contracts. To load the conversion data we created a script that utilises Fusion Cloud web services. During the implementation also a release upgrade was planned from Fusion Cloud R10 to R11. This release brought and unexpected occurrence with it, being the web service we used to invoke in our conversion script being deprecated and resulting in the following response:

The bright sight of the story is that Oracle was providing a newer version of the web service. However the new web service did not contain all the elements that were needed for the conversion.
After logging a SR on the situation, we were surprised by the response from Oracle:

'Just a reminder that deprecation is not the same as obsolete, you can still use ContractService in r11. '   

After which we received the instructions to enable the deprecated web service again.

Via Setup and Maintenance go to task Manage Duties, this will popup APM. In APM select the application domain the web service belongs to and add a new resource.

Add a new resource of type WebserviceResourceType that points to the web service operation that you want to reenable.

And do this for every web service operation you want to invoke.

Back on the overview page go to Entitlements to add the newly created resource.

Search the entitlement that is part of the duty role that you want to assign the web service invocation to.

Add the resource to the entitlement.

Now you are able to invoke a web service that is deprecated.

Note: Always consult Oracle Support if you plan to enable a deprecated web service. There is a reason it is deprecated and the web service might lead to inconsistencies in your system.

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