Monday, November 07, 2016

Nullify fields using Oracle Cloud HCM web services

Recently I got a question from an Oracle HCM Cloud customer, which is using SOAP services to interface HCM data. The question was: How do I clear field data using web services?
Using HCM Data Loader you specify the value #NULL to explicitly pass a null value to a field, also this is used throughout ERP services, however the WorkerService did not respond like that.

Instead of passing a #NULL or null as value to elements in the WorkerService, you need to add the namespace xmlns:xsi="" to your request and add the xml attribute xsi:nil="true"to elements to nullify fields.

Let's review the WorkTerms screen at the start of this post and let's try to clear the field Description using UpdateWorkTerms operation using following request.

As you can see the namespace xmlns:xsi="" is added to the request and the attribute xsi:nil="true" is added to the element Description.

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