Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oracle Open World: Day 3

After attending Oracle Open World for three days, it looks like the future is all about handling big data, flash, hardware, mobile and social media and all of this in the cloud. And Oracle is supplying all of these, although we see competitive products from partners. Oracle is really making cloud the new standard for your business and you can see this in all the keynotes. No more on premises hardware, maintenance, upgrade, just a monthly fee and you are up and running with your entire infrastructure.

Looking at PeopleSoft I followed a lot of roadmap sessions, HCM and Mobile.

What can we expect from  HCM 9.2? 

The primary goal is to enhance the user experience. Minimizing the number of clicks by using Secure Enterprise Search, Related Actions, Activity Guides, Pivot Grids. You might say, these are not HCM capabilities but PeopleTools capabilities. That is true, but it looks like PeopleTools and the Application layer are working more closely together than ever to create a great user interface. Using these PeopleTools features Peoplesoft HCM will bring :
  • OOTB Secure Enterprise Search indexes as the main search
  • Related Content incorporated in dashboards, pages, Secure Enterprise Search results and Pivot Grids
  • Activity Guides for streamlining consecutive transactions like Live Events and Onboarding
  • Pivot Grids being the analytic search for data and again using Related Actions on Pivot Grids to take direct action
See the next slide for the planning on HCM 9.2

But what really put a smile on my face today was the development on PeopleSoft Mobile. In my previous blog you could read that PeopleSoft will have initially three mobile applications: Approvals, Expenses and Company Directory. We have all been asking ourselves, which path PeopleSoft would take in creating mobile applications. Would PeopleSoft be using ADF Mobile like Fusion Applications? Would we have to learn ADF to maintain, extend and customize these apps? Well, PeopleSoft has taken the path of: PeopleTools! The first mobile applications are build using iScripts and displayed like mobile pages using jQuery and REST services running straight from PIA.

Some slides from the session

And another new app in development: Absence Management using PeopleSoft components with styling for mobile

Note this is not a native app. This is still a web app, but created for mobile devices to run in the browser. How to create the native feeling? In PeopleSoft you can go to a Self Service page and have an URL sent to your mobile device. Set the URL as a link on your homepage and start using the mobile apps for PeopleSoft.

Oracle Open World is all about tech. Until it gets dark. After dark it is time to party. And today we had the pleasure to attending a concert of Joss Stone.

Stay tuned for tomorrows recap.

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  1. So basically you can make your own Android or iPhone App where you let a user authenticate itself against a REST service and after that you can use the iScript URL's to start up different parts of PeopleSoft without having to code an immense App from scratch.

    Very nice development.