Thursday, October 04, 2012

Oracle Open World: Day 4

Day four, what can I say about it? I think above picture illustrates it. Everyone is tired of attending all the sessions from 8 am to 6 pm and after this, attending the music events and all kinds of networking parties. You barely have the time to sit down and have lunch. But what is the news of today you might want to ask? Let's put it this way, if you have attended the first couple of days, the information load is so much that you can barely absorb it. Today was a day of sessions with mainly redundant information.

I might sound less enthusiastic in this blog compared to the first blogs. Oracle has shown us so many new and great features and solutions, that is almost looks like Oracle peeked yesterday. Social media is always a great measure to see how hot a topic is and the number of tweets on OOW has decreased compared to the first days. I can say I have not experienced any exciting  news today on PeopleSoft or Fusion Applications that was not covered in the previous days.

Oh yeah, of course, how could I forget: My session was today!

It felt a bit weird talking about the reasons to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.52, since we have been blasted away with PeopleTools 8.53 for the last three days. The session was attended by a pretty big crowd (around 100) mostly customers, not the amount that I was expecting, but still not bad. Although I was talking about topics that have been covered several times in the past days by Oracle on PeopleTools 8.53, one topic dazzled the crowd (as expected): InterWindow Communication. This topic was not covered in any session. Even on the demo grounds, talking to the guys that build most of the features of PeopleTools, they had to look around, if it was used in vanilla 9.2 applications and it is there in certain places. When I told them a couple of days ago, I was talking on this topic, one of them promised me to attend my session and he did. At the end of my session he congratulated me and agreed with me, that you could really create cool interactive (What-if) dashboards with this technology, that has added value and an increase of productivity.

To all the developers, here are a few slides from Jim Marion's session on Tips and Techniques on proper coding::

And then it was time for the Appreciation Event starring Pearl Jam! Hundreds of buses shuttled all the attendees to Treasure Island. Approximately 45,000 people were transferred to Treasure Island and that created long lines at the dozens of shuttle stops.

The lines actually stretched around the block.

Finally on the bus to Treasure Island over the Bay Bridge, you could enjoy the great skyline of Foggy San Francisco.

Grotere kaart weergeven
To give you an idea of the crowd at Pearl Jam.

Stay tuned for tomorrows recap, hopefully with more news than today.

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