Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oracle extends Oracle Fusion Applications UPK

Oracle has recently added Oracle Fusion Applications Receivales to the available UPK's, which sets the counter to ten. UPK's can be downloaded from eDelivery.

A couple of days ago, we attended a live demo on Fusion Applications. One of the remarks from the audience was, that it would be impossible to create a decent UPK for Fusion Applications, because there is no "one-flow". From the current page, you can go to other pages through actions link; using the charts, you can drilldown into other content etc.

With ERP systems until now, the main focus was administering the process flow. Fusion Applications has, besides the standard back-end administration, also highly embedded analytics. Analytics and BI where always a separate application, with access to limited users. Let's be honest , if you were to present Fusion Applications, would you present the back-end process flow or the flashy analytics?

The UPK's focus on the back-end, since this is static flow. The analytics part, as stated by the remark from the audience, are not possible to capture in a UPK, because this is user specific.

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