Saturday, March 03, 2012

PeopleSoft 9.1 Mobile Inventory: Test the application

Now that we have fully finished the installation and all configuration, we can start using Mobile Inventory. The installation manual also describes a chapter on setting up WS- Security. Since I am running on a sandbox, I won't setup WS-Security. If you wish to deploy Mobile Inventory in production, you should definitely setup and configure WS-Security.

To test Mobile Inventory, you can start a browser on the server and go to http://localhost:7001/PsftMobile/faces/Login.

You will see the logon screen

You log in with a PeopleSoft user account and password, just as you would login to PeopleSoft. Mobile Inventory will validate the user and password against the PeopleSoft Application Server and if credentials are supplied correctly, you will be redirected to the Main Manu.

For example choose Item Stock Inquiry.

On this screen, select a BusinessUnit and an ItemCode and click on Fetch. Now a Component Interface Webservice from PeopleSoft Inventory will be invokes and data from the response of the webservice will be presented on the mobile page. In the screen above you see PeopleSoft Inventory on the background and Mobile Inventory with the data fetched from PeopleSoft.

When I first demoed this, the first reaction was

'This is not an App ...'

No, it is not an App, it is a Mobile Application, that runs on any mobile browser. Saying that, Mobile Inventory is compatible with all devices that can run a mobile browser. So it is compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile devices, Android smart phones and Tables  etc.

One solution, multiple device support. 

See it here running on an iPad.

See it here running on an Android Phone.

In this post, I am connecting to Mobile Inventory via a WIFI network. This is off course not the way to go with production. For production, it would be best to have the server for Mobile Inventory running in a DMZ and prepending this with a loadbalancer that is exposed to the internet. The loadbalancer will handle all incoming requests at port 80/443 and forward requests to Mobile Inventory server running on port 7001.

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