Thursday, March 01, 2012

PeopleSoft 9.1 Mobile Inventory: Applying the authentication provider

The PeopleSoft Authentication Provider authenticates a user name and password by connecting to a PeopleSoft Application Server. With successful authentication, the system creates a Principal and Subject, identifying the authorized use of a secure web server session. The system can use this subject to run a secure web session and provide WS-Security parameters for subsequent calls to the PeopleSoft system. So, users will log in with their PeopleSoft account to Mobile Inventory. No need to install and setup a separate Identity Management provider.

In order to setup authentication from Mobile Inventory to PeopleSoft, two files need to be copied from PS_HOME and PS_APP_HOME to Weblogic Server:
  • wlPSFTSecurityProviders.jar (PeopleSoft Authentication Provider)
  • psjoa.jar (PeopleSoft Java Object Adapter)
First you need to copy file






In my case that is c:\apps\Oracle\WLSMobile\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\mbeantypes

Second you need to copy file






In my case that is c:\apps\Oracle\WLSMobile\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\PeopleSoft. Note that the PeopleSoft directory does not exist and needs to be created manually.

After this open file commEnv.cmd in dir C:\apps\Oracle\WLSMobile\wlserver_10.3\common\bin and prepend psjoa.jar to WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH like


Now open file setDomainEnv.cmd in dir C:\apps\Oracle\WLSMobile\user_projects\domains\mobile_domain\bin and add the following line

set WL_HOME=C:\apps\Oracle\WLSMobile\wlserver_10.3
set PRE_CLASSPATH=%WL_HOME%\server\lib\PeopleSoftpsjoa.jar
for %%i in ("%WL_HOME%") do set WL_HOME=%%~fsi

Now restart the Oracle WebLogic Server and domain to ensure that your changes take affect. Use the stop and start admin server shortcuts from the Windows start menu in the Weblogic Server folder. After the admin server is restarted, open a browser and go to http://localhost:7001/console.

You will first see this screen and after that you will be redirected to the console logon page.

On the logon screen, log in with the weblogic admin user you provided during the installation of Weblogic Server.

On the home page select Security Realms.

Under Realms, select myrealm.

Now select tab Providers and then tab Authentication. Under Authentication Provider,s click on New.

Supply a name for the new Authentication Provider, for example PSFT Provider and choose type SimplePSFTAuthenticator and click on OK.

Click on button Reorder.

Move PSFT Provider to the top and click on OK.

Click on PSFT Provider to access the properties.

On the Common tab, change the Control Flag to SUFFICIENT and click on tab Provider Specific.

Fill in the PeopleSoft Application Server connect string as //server:JSL port and click on Save.

Since I am installing this on the same server as the application server of FSCM, I can refer to the application server as You should fill in the FQDM of the application server. I am installing this as a local sandbox to avoid overhead and networking. For production systems you should install this Mobile Weblogic Server on a dedicated server.

Back on the Providers page, choose Authentication Provider DefaulfAuthenticator.

On the Common tab, change the Control Flag to SUFFICIENT and click on Save.

On the breadcrumbs click on myrealm. Then choose tab Providers and then tab Password Validation. In the Password Validation Providers section choose SystemPasswordValidator.

Change Minimum Password Length from 8 to 2 and change Minimum Number of Non-Alphabetic Characters from 2 to 0 and click on Save.

Restart the admin server to ensure that all the changes take affect.

This concludes the installation of the  authentication provider. In the following post, I will describe how to setup the PeopleSoft Integration Broker and activating the WebServices.


  1. Hi Hakan Biroglu,
    I am facing a small issue while setting up the authentication provider.
    Can you please suggest if you have any thoughts on this issue?

    Middleware side
    Middleware weblogic server version : 10.3.6
    Middleware weblogic server Java version : 1.6

    PeopleSoft Side:
    Peopletools version : 8.53
    psjoa.jar (Complied in java server) : 1.7

    I tried decomplied the psjoa.jar files tried complied and faceing the same authentication error.

    I thought 8.52 psjoa.jar will help. intially i had the version issue while connecting to PS so I changed the ND.class from 8.53 to 8.52.
    still i could not connect. let me know if u need the LOG details. :)

    Ariraj S

  2. MUkesh GIramkar9:21 PM

    ArirajS, I am facing same issue for same version. Please mail me if you found solution on